Green Point Design Est. 1998      
Ballarat-based Sustainable Architect working Victoria-wide.
Certified Passive House Designer.


Green Point Design:
​​​​​Green Point Design Service Packages
A, B & C HERE.

Green Point Design Brochure HERE.

​​Map to Green Point Design Office​​ HERE.

Working with your Architect:
Australian Institute of Architects reference copy of Client and Architect Agreement HERE.

Australian Institute of Architects brochure: You and Your Architect HERE.

Architects Registration Board of Victoria: Working With Your Architect HERE.

Articles and Handouts:
​"Passive House" by Eric Zehrung. Owner Builder magazine HERE.

"Passive House Active Planet Care" by Eric Zehrung. Earth Garden Magazine

Designing Cool Houses for Summer Heat HERE.

​Rural Living HERE.

Designing Warm Houses for Cold Winters HERE.

​​​Healthy Houses​​ HERE.