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Getting Started:

There are several ways to engage an architect and get started working together on your project. Here is an overview of the options that we offer at Green Point Design:

1. Full Service: Percentage Fee
After having met to discuss your project and our services, you may decide to start assembling the whole project team. A traditional method is to simply engage the architect for full services with fees based on a percentage of the building costs.

2. Hourly Rates
Some projects, especially renovations, lend themselves to starting work on an hourly rate basis with an agreed maximum per invoice period. Once the project is underway and the scope better understood, it is common to move to either a lump sum or percentage basis fee arrangement.

3. Concept Design Package
New building projects can commence with this two-cycle sketch design process. At the completion of this stage, enough should be known about the project for us to prepare a detailed service package and fee for the remainder of the project. Generally, fees from this stage are absorbed into the fees for the project as a whole. Following is a list of activities performed at each stage:

  • Get copy of title, measured drawings and any other relevant documents from the client.
  • Obtain the client's brief and other requirements.
  • Inspect the site and assess site conditions and constraints.
  • Undertake preliminary analysis of authority regulations and requirements.
  • ​Prepare flow and spatial diagrams.

Sketch Design:
  • Design Cycle 1
    • Architectural design.
    • Preliminary material selection.
    • Consideration of landscape concepts.
    • Consideration of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting strategies.
    • Prepare preliminary opinion of building costs. **

 ​​**​Note: Where meeting budget targets is important, we recommend engaging a quantity surveyor or builder to prepare a cost report.

  • Meeting 1
    • Present first sketch plan.
    • Review the brief and budget.  

  • Design Cycle 2​​​​​
    • Review initial concept plan in light of Meeting 1.
    • Consolidate design work to date.
    • Prepare updated opinion of building costs.

  • Meeting 2​​​​​
    • Present updated sketch plans.
    • Present updated opinion of building costs.
    • Clarify the viability and direction of the project.
    • Review fees and contracts for the following stages of work.

Fees for this stage:

Expected roof area               Fee (incl. GST)*
150 - 300 square metres              $6,600
300 - 500 square metres              $8,250
500+        square metres              $9,900

*​​​​Note: Travel costs are extra where projects are more than 30km   from our office. Refer to the Travel Cost Section for details  HERE.

You are welcome to contact us with questions and to discuss your project.