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Types of Architectural Fees:

Lump Sum:
This is also a common method of setting fees, especially where the architect will not be involved in the project during the construction phase. The architect agrees on a fixed sum of money for an agreed scope of work. This has the advantage that the client knows exactly how much the architect's fee will be. However, if the project increases or decreases in size, the overall fees will be renegotiated.

Area Rates:
​Combines aspects of the percentage and the lump sum fees.  Architectural fee is based on the size of the building rather than the cost. Suits people who wish to negotiate a clear fee structure before the scope of the project has been defined. See Green Point Design's area-based fee tables HERE.

Hourly Rates:​
This is the most flexible fee arrangement, and is often used for very small projects, or for the preparation of initial design concepts. We generally agree on a maximum number of hours not to be exceeded without client approval. Some projects begin with an hourly rate arrangement, then shift to a percentage or lump sum once the overall scope has been determined.

We understand that some projects may not fit neatly within a single category. It may be appropriate to begin work with one basis of fees with the intention of changing to another once the scope of the project is better known.

Note about travel costs:​ With projects located across Victoria, travel is a necessary component of our fee structure. Our standard fee scale is kept on the low side of industry conventions so that when travel costs are included, the total fee is comparable with many other architects. The number of site visits varies from one through to several dozen depending on the type of project and our involvement. See Table of indicative travel costs HERE .
​​You are welcome to contact us with questions and to discuss your project.