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Certified Passive House Designer.

Our Service Packages:

We offer three “Packages” of Architectural services: Package A, Package B and Package C. ​Below is a description of each Package and a summary of what is included in each:

Package A. Design and Building Permits
Package A is suitable for owner builders and owners who wish to allow their builder to interpret design intent. This Package includes the following:

A.1 Concept Design:
  • Meet to discuss project brief.
  • Inspect site and review site information, planning zones and overlays.
  • ​Review ResCode issues.
  • Preliminary BAL assessment (bushfire).
  • Prepare area-based cost spreadsheet.
  • Write up project design brief.
  • Prepare range of concept designs and cost range spreadsheets.

A.2 Design Development:
  • Meet to discuss project brief.
  • 3-D Hypermodel (viewable on iPad or similar tablet).
  •  1:100 scale plans, sections, elevations to describe the scope of the project.
  • ​Preliminary structural system and heating / cooling strategies.​
  • Statement of ResCode compliance.
  • Preliminary design specification (approx. 15 pages).
  • Preliminary energy modeling.(PH)
  • Preliminary thermal bridge check.(PH)
(PH) Certified Passive House Projects

A.3 Town Planning*:
Planning activities include:
  • Addressing planning scheme issues and building regulation issues (part 4 - Siting, also known as ResCode.
  • Liase with municipal town planner or private town planner.
  • Liase with building surveyor regarding ResCode issues.
  • Provide additional information as required like compliance statements, overshadow plans and overlooking diagrams.
  • Drawings and written documentation.
*Town Planning activities are not included and are charged at hourly rates as it is difficult to predict what will be required at the beginning of a project, ranging from very few to many hours.

A.4 Construction Documentation (a):
Notes and Schedules:
  • General project notes. 
  • Energy efficiency notes. 
  • Bushfire notes.
  • Wet area notes.
  • Planning notes.
  • Building regulation notes.
  • External window and door schedule. ​

  • 1:200 or 1:500 scale Site Plan.
  • 1:100 scale floor plans, setout plans, ceiling plans and roof plans.
  • 1:100 scale external elevations.
  • 1:100 scale building sections.
  • 1:20 scale typical wall section.
  • Lighting plan (to comply with BCA section 3.12.5).
  • Drawings required for planning conditions or ResCode compliance.

A.4 Construction Documentation (a) note:  Project specification as required for building permit not included (generally provided by builder or by owner as an "off the shelf" specification booklet). 

Package B. Design and Full Documentation
Package B is suitable for owners who intend to work directly with their builder during construction, but who want more thorough and accurate contract documentation. These details can assist the builder in achieving a more refined result, and they can remove the ambiguities often present with less detailed packages. This Package includes the following:
  • All services listed und​​er Package A (see above) plus:​

A.4 Construction Documentation (b):
Discuss intended look and feel of fixtures, finishes, fittings and equipment.

Preliminary fixtures and finishes selections including:
  • Paint types and colours.
  • Floor coverings.
  • Floor and wall tiling.
  • Cabinet finishes, benchtops, hardware, handles etc.
  • Sanitaryware, tapware and plumbing equipment.
  •  Appliances.
  • Light fittings and electrical equipment.
  • Internal window coverings and external sunshades.
  • Windows and doors, handles, locks and hardware.
  • Roofing and skylights.
  • Paving and decking.
  • External cladding.
  • Internal finishes, trims etc.
  • Fences and retaining walls.
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
  • Thermal insulation.

Construction Details:
  • Internal details like stair, trim and other special internal details.
  • External details like verandah, retaining wall and other special external details.
  • Window and door installation details.
  • 1:20 scale plans and elevations of wet rooms showing cabinetry details, tile setouts, fixture positions and other details.
  • Cabinetry details including bench top nosing and other cabinetry details.
  • Electrical services plan including lighting and switching, power points, electrical services, data and communication services and security system.
  • Mechanical services plan including heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment positions.
  • Energy modelling in Passive House Planning Package.(PH)
  • Thermal bridging check and resolve.(PH)
  • Select building components that satisfy Passive House requirements.(PH)
Written Documents:
  • Project specification. Incorporates selected fixtures and finishes. Approximately 35 technical trade sections customised to project requirements describing general requirements, products and installation (approximately 100 pages).
  • Summary of provisional sum and prime cost allowances.
  • Relevant specification sections like air tightness, blower door testing, and mechanical calibration.(PH)
  • Prepare documents for certification application.(PH)
(PH) Certified Passive House Projects.

Package C. Full Architectural Service
Package C is suitable for owners wanting a professional to be involved in their project from start to finish.​​ This Package includes the following:

  • All services listed und​​er Package A and Package B(see above) plus:​

A.5 Contractor Selection:
  • Prepare tender documents and issue to tenderers.
  • Respond to enquiries from tenderers.
  • Receive and open tenders.
  • Prepare report to client outlining tenders.
  • Negotiate with the preferred tenderer if required.
A.6 Contract Administration:
Pre-construction stage:
  • Amend documents based on final negotiations between client and contractor.
  • Prepare document revision list.
  • Obtain final price agreed to by client and contractor.
  • Prepare contract documents.
  • Arrange for signing and execution of the building contract documents.
  • Consult with builder about Passive House related construction issues like services installations and air tightness.(PH)
Construction stage:
  • Liase with contractor regarding queries and provide instructions, clarifications and supplementary details as required.
  • Attend site meetings.
  • Record meeting minutes and distribute to client and contractor.
  • Report regularly to the client regarding time, cost and progress of the project.
  • Assess progress claims and issue payment certificates as required.
  • Assess variation claims and issue contract price adjustments as required.
  • Assess extension of time claims and issue certificates as required.
  • Assess adjustments to prime cost and provisional sum allowances and issue certificates as required.
  • Obtain photo records required for Passive House certification.(PH)
  • Obtain blower door air tightness testing certificate.(PH)
  • Instruct the contractor regarding incomplete work and rectification of defects.
  • Assess and determine practical completion and issue the notice of practical completion.

Post-construction stage:
  • Lodge documents for Passive House certification.(PH)
  • Review and assess list of issues supplied by client.
  • Determine which issues are appropriate for defects list.
  • Maintain defects list and distribute to client and contractor.
  • Instruct the contractor regarding incomplete work and rectification of defects.
  • Assess and determine final completion and issue the final certificate.
(PH) Certified Passive House Projects.

Green Point Design Packages A, B & C
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